Extracted bitters: Trial & error with everything #15 Nicole Barron and Shayne Labis, Born to Shake

“The point where we started to accelerate was going outside our comfort zone. You can take that idea, that mentality, and transcribe it into anything.”
– Shayne Labis

“Somebody should write a book on how to grow a product company because it’s just like a needle in a haystack trying to figure out what the hell you’re supposed to be doing.”
– Nicole Barron

This week’s guests likely have the best-stocked home bar you’ll ever see. Nicole Barron, “Pour Director,” boasts a background as a bartender—plus a business education and plenty of Instagram savvy. Shayne Labis, “Chief Shaker,” is also a bartender, as well as Nicole’s partner in crime, life, and business. He credits Nicole as the catalyst behind the transformation of his passion for bitters into a thriving venture.

Born to Shake is a Kelowna-based company that proclaims, “Life’s too short to drink sh!tty cocktails.” Through extracted bitters, hand-crafted syrups, and cocktail kits, as well as catering, private events, and mixology classes, they make cocktail-bar quality accessible to everyone, every day.

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