Five Senses Song | CoComelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

JJ and friends are learning about the five senses 👂👀🖐️👅👃
Watch and sing along as Ms. Appleberry shows them all!
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We all have five senses
Hearing, sight and smell
We all have five senses
Touch and taste as well

Close your eyes! Let’s hear with our ears!

This sound’s high and squeaky
Hmmm…A rubber duck!
It’s fun to hear with our ears!

Let’s look with our eyes!

This looks red and spotty
Lots of spots
Like polka dots
Hmmm…A ladybug!
It’s fun to look with our eyes!

Let’s touch with our hands!

This feels wet and squishy
Hmmm…It’s jello!
It’s fun to feel with our hands!

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