Grogu Frog Egg Old-Fashioned Cocktail-

We are making a Grogu Frog Egg Old-Fashioned Cocktail. Doc Vader here today coming to you from a galaxy far, far away. Continuing with the Star Wars theme we are going to be making a Grogu Old Fashioned.

You are probably thinking, why are you making a baby Yoda drink? But remember Grogu who is affectionately referred to as Baby Yoda is 50 years old. So technically he is of age to drink.

Grogu’s diet was influenced by his taste for a variety of meals, including living creatures. In his time with Djarin, Grogu devoured frogs, unfertilized frog eggs, a spider egg, a creature with tentacles, cookies, worms, and many different kinds of soups/broths.

So today we are going to make an Old-Fashioned that would be favored by Grogu’s taste. Including Lady Frog Eggs and Blue cookies. So let’s start making a Grogu Old-Fashioned Cocktail.

This is the way!

Special Thanks to James Brown for helping with Scroll Ideas
and Wife and Deanna for making the cookies.

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