Herbal Relaxants and Bitters

A salvaged, low-quality introduction to herbal relaxants and bitters from the Other Channel, edited – used to be on this channel too, now being restored.

Herbal relaxants are useful for cramp, hypertension and spasmodic difficulties. Viburnum opulus and prunifolium are probably the best and are useful because they relax both smooth and skeletal muscle. Interestingly, i’m having to keep clearing my throat in this video, which i attribute to the relaxation of throat musculature caused by taking Viburnum opulus. Eschscholzia californica also works and is also sedative. I prefer cramp bark (also known as guelder rose, Viburnum opulus) because it’s purely relaxant (also astringent actually, but in no way like an opiate). Both can be used for pain relief. The strongest relaxants are the schedule 3 herbs, one of which, Hyoscyamus niger or henbane, is used for colonoscopies and barium enemas to relax the bowel and ease distension by insufflation.

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