HERBALLY SPEAKING Episode 30 (Jackass Bitters)

#876herb.com, #876herbs.com, #halleluyahlifestyle.com Jackass bitters (Neurolaena lobata) is derived from a plant resembling ragweed that grows in northwestern South American through Central America and into southern Mexico as well as islands in the Caribbean. It can reach up to six feet in height, and as the name suggests, all parts of the plant have a bitter taste. In the areas where it grows, native people have used jackass bitters to treat cancer, diabetes, dysentery and malaria. In Panama, leaves from the plant are used to make an infusion for treatment of diabetes, malaria, high blood pressure and liver problems. The infusion also serves as an insect repellent. Elsewhere, jackass bitters has been used to treat skin diseases, stomach pain, and ulcers.

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