Holiday Bloat: How To Prevent and Get Rid of It!

Holiday bloat happens for a number of reasons: eating more food than we normally would, mixing foods we normally wouldn’t, and eating foods we normally wouldn’t to name just a few. We have put together some suggestions to help keep your GI tract happier this holiday season as you enjoy all the wonderful parties and food gatherings that go along with all the holiday merry.

Chew + eat slowly
Drink less fluids during meals (drink more water between meals)
Avoid carbonated beverages
Avoid your knows food intolerances
Don’t overdo it on the grains/bread
Be mindful with sugar and alcohol intake – try to avoid/consume less
Start your meals with bitters: bitter melon, dandelion greens, radicchio, endive, mustard greens, broccoli rabe
Take extra bitters – gentian, bitter orange peel, dandelion, bitter melon – formula listed below
Use digestive enzymes – choose formulas to address your specific needs – formulas below
Organic apple cider vinegar
Topical Essential oil for belly massage – see our list below
Castor oil packs – supplies and video link listed below
Herbal carminative (gas resolving) helpers taken orally – anise, fennel, ginger, cardamom, cumin…
see below for some of our product faves
Activated charcoal (to bind extra gas)
After meal time walk/movement
Magnesium (as a laxative)
Get adequate rest and sleep

You can find these helpful herbs and supplements mentioned in the video (and a few extras listed here) all in our dispensary below. And just by being a subscriber, you get an automatic 10% off! No code necessary.

For help, call 855-935-5382

Digestive Enzymes Faves:
– helpful for all food groups:
Super Strength Digestion by Theramedix
Digestzyme by Designs for Health
– extra fat digestion support (for all that gravy! Helpful for those without a gallbladder etc):
Fat High Lipase Digestion LPS by Theramedix
Ox Bile by Allergy Research Group
– extra gluten digestion support help with extra bread etc (not this will not make things ok for those with celiac):
Gluten Manager by Integrative Therapeutics
Similase GFCF by Integrative Therapeutics
– extra protein digestion support (for meals with lots of meat):
Betaine HCl Pepsin by Pure Encapsulations
Betaine HCl Pepsin by Thorne
– if you have a really sensitive stomach
Similase Sensitive Stomach by Integrative Therapeutics

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