Homemade Sous Vide Coffee Bitters Recipe

Today we take our Nomiku Immersion Circulator to create a homemade coffee bitters recipe. We took a recipe found at ForkandStave and altered it a bit for our own taste profile.

For your creation, you can also make slight alterations or additions to build upon this and create even more dynamic flavor, maybe some hot spice?

You can use coffee bitters to balance out a coffee cocktail or to enhance a bourbon-based recipe like the Old-Fashioned. You may find other creative uses for it, including using it as a generalized aromatic bitter if you’re short on other options.

The goal with this sous vide coffee bitter recipe was to both generate a fast and effective coffee bitter (in under 2-hours) while also giving you a chance to build your “production environment” to produce even more home crafted small batch bitter projects in the future.

The Shopping List:
Cacao Nibs, Roasted:
Cassia Chips:
Wild Cherry Bark:
Nomiku Immersion Circulator:
Boston Round Bottles:
Cheese Cloth:

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