How Bitter Melon Lowers Blood Sugar

Bitter melon is a unique vegetable-fruit that has many purported benefits. There appears to be some inconsistency regarding its classification as a fruit (it has seeds) or vegetable (it is eaten as a vegetable). Nonetheless, it’s main purported benefit is it’s blood sugar lowering effect, which is the main topic in this video. Studies have shown it acts as an “insulin mimetic” in addition to stimulating glucose lowering via the AMPK catabolic signaling pathway. Bitter melon is also a staple food in the longevity Blue Zone Okinawa. I’ve always known about the benefits of bitter melon, but at the 2018 ACSM Minneapolis science meeting, I learn not only about its blood sugar lowering benefits but also that an easy way to consume it in a practical and feasible way is through juicing it. And it only takes ~ 3 oz for a significant benefit according to that study at the conference, which is just a shot. The way I incorporate bitter melon is simply juicing it and having a 3 oz shot a couple of days per week every now and then. Like many things, it’s about the overall contribution of things not just one thing. So I see bitter melon is simply another tool in the health-promoting toolbox so to speak. But it is a fascinating food with unique benefits and it is strongly supported by scientific research.


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