How I Eat Whatever I Want @ 51 without GERD Symptoms or Heartburn

Chocolate and pizza and caffeine, Oh My! This combination of foods in the same week used to be such a problem for me, especially after I hit 40! If you must know, I have had a few trips to the doctor for strange symptoms that led to extensive, unnecessary tests (i.e., EKG, ECG, etc.), which ultimately led them to ask the million-dollar question, “What did you eat before you experienced these symptoms, Mrs. Gray?” One doctor was even scared that I had pancreatitis, which was crazy to him because I don’t drink. As a result, I was prescribed Nexium, which worked immediately, but every time I would go on vacation and over-indulge, other similar, strange symptoms would appear, and doctors would recommend Prilosec. Because it worked so quickly, AND because I like to eat what I want, I began to abuse it. Drugs like these are too dangerous to abuse, so I asked the Lord to give me a permanent solution to keep me away from them AND to still allow me to eat whatever the heck I want. Praise the Lord, He did, AND it has been working for over two years! I can eat all the pizza and chocolate I want, for better or for worse (LOL – I’m now working to lose 10 pounds as a result). Wanna hear how I do it? Tune in to find out all the life-changing details!

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