How To Crack Every Nut | Method Mastery | Epicurious

Class is back in session! Today, chef Ann Ziata from the Institute of Culinary Education walks us through the best method for opening and preparing nearly every nut you’ll encounter in the kitchen. Watch as she cracks, hammers, and pries her way through the list, so you’ll know precisely what to do the next time you feel like going nuts.

00:00 Intro
00:42 English Walnut
01:42 Black Walnut
02:11 Brazil Nut
03:06 American Chestnut
04:10 Hard Shell Pecan
05:02 Paper Shell Pecan
05:49 Almond
06:53 Macadamia
07:18 Dwarf Chestnut
07:56 Hazelnut
08:37 Acorn
09:55 Peanut
10:44 Kola Nut
11:19 Soft Shell Almond
11:47 Pili Nut
12:24 Gingko Nut
13:10 California Pistachio
14:04 Turkish Pistachio
14:41 Pine Nut
15:51 Young Coconut
17:29 Mature Coconut

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