How to Eat Healthy & Clean When Going Out to Eat at a Mexican Restaurant with Jen Smiley

Want to know how to eat healthy and clean when going out to eat?

Check out Jen Smiley from Wake Up and Read the labels visit Val’s, a Mexican restaurant in New Orleans where she orders healthy and clean!

Ways to make your margarita clean:
✨ 100% agave tequila or mezcal
✨ ½ the amount of agave
✨ No other ingredients like bitters or syrups

Ways to make tacos clean:
🌟 Corn tortillas not flour tortillas
🌟 No sour cream or cheese (or any dairy at all)

Canola oil causes inflammation and is very hard to avoid at restaurants. But, when you eat clean all the time, you can afford to eat a little bit of canola oil and it won’t affect you as much. 🙂

At Wake Up and Read the Labels, we understand that nobody’s perfect. We teach you how to eat healthy and clean by making clean eating a lifestyle so that it’s sustainable. Say goodbye to fad diets, counting calories, and restricting yourself from your favorite foods.

So let’s cheers (with a clean cocktail, of course) to a lifestyle for keeps, eating simple, and of course, feeling your best! 🍾

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To visit Val’s yourself or peek at their menu, click the link below.

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