How to make a delicious Dark & Stormy – My Way!

A deliciously rich and spicy blend of ginger, rum & lime. There are many variations on this simple combination, but this is the way I like to make it and it’s one of our biggest sellers on the Bomba Rooftop.

60ml (2oz) dark rum
30ml (1oz) fresh lime juice
About 120ml (4oz) ginger beer
3 dashes Angostura bitters
Lime wheels to garnish

A jigger
A barspoon
A highball glass

Add your rum and lime juice, and ginger beer to the glass (should be just under halfway) Add as much ice as you can fit, stir, add more ice and top with more ginger beer if necessary. Float 3 dashes of bitters on top, garnish with lime wheels and enjoy!


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