How to Make Abbott's Aged Bitters – Full Recipe Included

Abbott’s Bitters were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s but they seemingly disappeared. But an odd discovery of a patent with an Abbott’s name on it led to some deep-diving research that could the original recipe. Check it out, make the bitters yourself and see if you like them.

Abbott’s Presentation (TotC 2016):
Patent Link:

Abbott’s Recipe (for 1 litre)
12 g Anise Seed
12 g Fennel Seed
12 g Chamomile Flower
6 g Gentian Root
6 g Bitter Orange Peel
3 g Cinnamon
3 g Cardamom
3 g Ginger (powdered)
3 g Cloves
36 g Sugar
1000 ml 50% ABV Alcohol
10 ml Caramel Colouring

Grind herbs and macerate for 14 days, or use a percolator for 48 hours.

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