How to Make Bitters with Kelly Dressman

Kelly Dressman is a Dry Land Distillers alchemist located in Longmont, Colorado. Dry Land Distillers [] crafts their spirits on-site using native ingredients and heirloom grains suitable to the local ecosystem, like their Cactus spirit, a mezcal-like spirit made from local prickly pear cactus. Along with making their own spirits, mixers, and syrups, they make their own bitters, which Kelly showed us in the video.

To make the bitters in this session, you’ll need: scallion, celery, celery seed, dried orange peel (2 large oranges worth, including pith), whole coriander, whole allspice berries, cardamom pods, clove, mustard seed, and a clear, neutral spirit (like vodka, preferably 100 proof, but 80 proof will work). You’ll also need an airtight glass container.

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