How to make Sprite – lemon lime soda from scratch

Let’s make some sprite! This lemon-lime soda couldn’t be any easier, and the result tasted very very close to the stuff you can buy off the shelves, although maybe a little fresher. It doesn’t need to require any complicated ingredients, just some time to make what is known as an oleo sacrum which is the key to getting a drink that tastes less like lemonade, and more like, well Sprite.

Sprite is flavored from a mixture of lemon and lime. I always had figured it could be made by just mixing the juice of lemon and lime with soda water and sugar, but the resulting drink would be way too sour, and not have that overarching deeper citrus flavor. So today we are going to use a method to extract the oils from the rinds of the citrus, resulting in a more mellow, deeper citrus flavor.

============= Full Recipe ==================

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