How to Make Strawberry Syrup for Soda and Cocktails

The keys to a good strawberry syrup for use in drinks is to balance the flavours, the sweetness and the acidity and the historical soda fountains did this well. The recipe here is how chemists made strawberry syrup for soda drinks in the late 1800s and they pretty much perfected it. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Strawberry Syrup Recipe:
675 g (1 quart) Strawberries
240 g (1 cup) Sugar
500 ml (2 cups) Hot Water (90 to 95°C)
1100 g (4½ cups) Sugar
12 g (1 Tbls) Citric Acid

1. Mix the strawberries with 1 cup of sugar and muddle or smash
2. Place on heat and add 500 ml of hot water
3. Heat until roughly 72°C (162°F) slightly over is fine, don’t boil it.
4. Remove from heat and strain while hot
5. Do not press the strawberry pulp (makes a cloudy syrup)
6. Add the 1100 g of sugar and stir to dissolve
7. Add 12 g of citric acid, stir to dissolve
8. Optional: add 1/4 teaspoon of potassium sorbate to prevent yeast fermentation
9. Bottle and enjoy

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