How To Make The El Camino Cocktail / Mezcal and Whiskey!?

Today we’ll show you how to make the el camino cocktail recipe, a drink recipe utilizing both mezcal and whiskey. We’re going to be leading into a month of whiskey drinks and we lead in with a mezcal hybrid.

Get Peychaud Bitters:

This drink doesn’t sit well with Ian, because it brings a smoky mezcal, and Dan’s not a huge fan of the combination of rye and mezcal although he likes both spirits. Derrick’s fine with it because of the smoky flavor but it isn’t a weak cocktail recipe.

We also get to use benedictine for this drink but that is the only sweetness coming into the drink recipe. So, I guess the El Camino isn’t for everyone but it’s always worth trying this cocktail recipe if you have all the components to build the El Camino.

Not sure where the name comes from or if there is El Camino history for the drink. However, given the flavor combination we’re curious if this was an experiment gone crazy or if a big bartender created this for their bar menu.

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