How to Make The Proper Sazerac | Classic Cocktail Recipes

The “Sazerac” cocktail is Don’s personal favorite. Created in 1838 by Antonie Amedie Peychaud in New Orleans the “Sazerac” has withstood the test of time as one of the best old fashioned classic cocktails.


Rye Whiskey – 2 Oz.
Simple Syrup – 1/8 Oz.
Bitters – 6-7 Dashes
Absinthe Spray ( Anise Flavored)
Orange Peel



2 Oz. of Rye Whiskey
⅛ Oz. of Simple Syrup (Sugar/Water)
6-7 Dashes of Bitters

Add Ice


Lace Glass with Absinthe

Strain & Pour

Peel Orange

Twist Peel and Garnish

You now have the “Sazerac” Cocktail

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