How to make the Vieux Carré (and New Carré!) Boozing with Boomers Episode 42

Learn how to make the Vieux Carré, which is considered an iconic New Orleans drink! This is a stirred drink served in a chilled rocks glass over a big ice cube with the following ingredients: Sazerac Rye, Cognac, Benedictine, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura bitters, Peychaud’s bitters, and garnished with a lemon twist.

Vieux Carré translates to “old square” after the city’s famed French Quarter where this cocktail was born. It was invented in New Orleans in 1937 (or 1938) by Walter Bergeron, head bartender at the historic Hotel Monteleone. In 1949, the hotel opened the famous Carousel Lounge. True to its name, the bar was a 25-seat Merry-Go-Round ride that makes a full circle every 15 minutes. In the early years, it hosted many famous guests, including Ernest Hemingway and others who wrote about it in their books, so we know it was a fun place to hang out. This revolving bar was the first of its kind in 1949 New Orleans and is still spinning today.

During my research, there seemed to be many variations on this recipe, so I will be using the recipe courtesy of The Carousel Bar & Lounge since I trust they are a solid resource for the best recipe of this cocktail.

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