How to Spiritually Detox Parasitic Worms, Archons and Trauma In Your Aura: NAAZIR RA LIVE @ HPU!!


How to master the secret spiritual alchemy of ascension through meditation, alchemy, advanced spiritual science, metaphysics and the melanin mysteries of Kemet / Ancient Egypt. How to open your 3rd eye / pineal gland and awaken your Kundalini for DNA ascension to 4th density? Learn the hidden secrets of the mind, the universe and the paranormal. Learn the truth about the origin of human religion and the extraterrestrial connection. What are UFO’s? How to connect with your arch angels? What is the Kabbalah? Who is God? How to avoid spiritual attack?

Step up to your power with the dynamic teachings of Naazir El Neter Ra the founding professor and CEO visionary of Hidden Power University and New Dawn Transformation Community.

Naazir Ra is the author of the most dynamic spiritual resources of this age!


– The Hidden Self: A Guide to the Metaphysical Self
– The Hidden Power: How to Manifest Your Dreams
– The Access Codes to Zion: How to Live on the Frequency
– 4th Density: How to Ascend Through Thought
– Unlocking the Secrets of Christ and the Angelic Realm

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