How to use Cynar In Cocktails

The beginning of this year has been all about getting episodes that have been planned for a long while out to you guys, so I’m super happy to bring this one. It has long been my ambition to make episodes surrounding one bottle that a lot of you find problematic. And what better bottle to start with than Cynar, the artichoke Amaro many of you love to hate. The reality though is that this Amaro is surprisingly versatile and can be used in so so so many different ways to craft truly exceptional drinks. I am reminded of something my father said to me “American’s (he was Italian) don’t watch Soccer because they don’t understand it.” This was a very important lesson with a fundamental truth. People tend to ignore that which they don’t understand. And why wouldn’t you? You can’t get joy out of something unless you understand what it is. So to that end, lets dive into this bottle so we have a better understanding of what it is and how to use it. Also it bears mentioning that this video has not in any way been sponsored or payed for by Cynar.

Cynar, pronounced Chee-NAHR is an Italian Amro and was first created in 1952. It’s now distributed by Gruppo Campari.
Cynar consists of thirteen different botanicals with Artichoke chief among them. The name actually comes from the Scientific name for the Artichoke Plant Cynarara Scolymus. So why Artichoke? For starters there’s some solid evidence that suggest artichokes are good for the digestion which is what Amaro, being a digestif is all about. Also the artichoke helps to bring out the sweetness of other ingredients so it’s a great addition to smooth out the rough edges some of the other botanicals can add. The game here as ever is balance. Cynar comes in at 16.5% ABV and is part of a sub grouping of Amari known as Carciofo which are Amari which utilize artichoke.

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Time Stamps:
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0:11 Pineapple Express
1:46 Tasting Notes
2:41 Too Soon?
4:09 Tasting Notes
5:15 Bitter Giuseppe
7:02 Tasting Notes
7:56 What Is Cynar?
8:49n Outro

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