Husking / Hulling Walnuts – Fast and Productive

I share here a really basic system for cleaning the husks off of nuts like Black Walnut, Heartnut, butternut, etc etc. Any nuts that have a thick green husk that needs to be removed prior to drying and storage.
I learned this system from my good friend Akiva of nursery down in Spencer, NY. He and his family collect and process incredible amounts of nuts each year, and he is an amazing resource for ideas and techniques around all things tree crops. Check him out!

This system uses a 4″ paint mixer (available at local hardware stores), a strong drill, a metal garbage can, and a hose with a ‘jet’ stream setting on the end. You can modify this technique to work with what you have access to. No need to buy lots of fancy equipment, just take the ideas and adjust to your settings and needs.
We’ll make more videos on this topic as time goes on.
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