I couldn't just make One… The Halekulani Cocktail

In Today’s video we tackle a pre-tiki classic the Halekulani cocktail and not only that, we try it two ways! Non-Rum tropical drinks are a small category but one of my favorites and when done well some of the most rewarding to make and drink. So come along on a magic carpet ride into our world, won’t you?

Here’s links to the tools I use in this video:
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Barfly Measuring Cup Jigger:
Barfly Fine Strainer:
Barfly Hawthorne Strainer:
Japanese Bitters Dasher:
Barfly Layering Spoon:
Leopold Coupe:
Shangpeixuan Manual Juicer:
Kessaku Paring Knife:
Cosori Dehydrator (for garnishes):
Tiki Modern Tropical Cocktails by Shannon Mustipher:
Small Wooden Clips (For garnishes):
Flip Top Bottles:

UK Links:
Barfly Weighted Tin:
Barfly Fine Strainer:
Barfly Hawthorne Strainer:
Wild Turkey Bourbon:
My Preferred Juicer:
Coupe Glass:

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04:52 Recipe
04:56 History
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