Income Tax Cocktail – The Perfect Cocktail to Take the Bitterness Out of Tax Day

This classic cocktail is a standard. It appears to have originated as a variation on the Bronx cocktail. The added bitters is great any time of year, but especially satisfying for tax time. This one is made with the bold, piney St. George Terroir Gin, which is smoothed out by the balance of dry and sweet vermouth from Dolin. The Angostura really brightens it up. It’s important to use freshly squeezed orange juice. It will taste much better than store bought and the citrus will not be as overpowering. So, make sure the Income Tax Cocktail is the last thing you prep this tax season.

1.5 oz Gin
0.75 oz Dry Vermouth
0.75 oz Sweet Vermouth
0.5 oz Orange Juice
2 dashes of Angostura Bitters

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