Inflamed Digestive System Blocks Nutrient Absorption

What can you do for an inflamed digestive system? Find out.




0:00 What is the function of the digestive tract?
0:45 Inflamed digestive system
2:00 What causes inflammation in the digestive system?
2:32 Potential remedies for an inflamed digestive system
4:32 Share your success story!
Let’s talk about what you can do for an inflamed digestive system. The main function of the digestive tract (the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine) is to break down food and then absorb the micronutrients. But, if you have any inflammation in any part of the digestive tract, you’re going to have a difficult time absorbing nutrients.

There’s a condition called malabsorption, which means you’re not getting the absorption of the nutrients into the body. This could occur from inflammation in the lining of the colon or scar tissue created from the inflammation.

Certain parts of the digestive tract absorb certain nutrients. If we can identify which part of the digestive tract is damaged, we can get an idea of which nutrients you won’t be able to absorb.

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