Intermittent Fasting For Women | Why Its Different

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Fasting has many benefits which include a reduction in inflammation, balance in hormones, weight loss, and improvements with insulin resistance. Fasting could also create a hormone imbalance if you do it wrong. This video explains in details how to get fasting benefits without any of the side effects.

Everything You Need to Know About Autophagy Full Video:
// T I M E S T A M P S
01:09 Women who fall into this category should NOT practice any form of fasting
01:41 Studies done on women practicing intermittent fasting
02:18 The main hormones that are influenced with fasting
02:52 Why the active form of thyroid, t3, may drop during a fast
03:20 Symptoms to pay attention that indicates you may be fasting too much
03:33 Autophagy vs mTor
04:59 Why you should GET OUT OF KETOSIS and NOT FAST the week leading up to your period (monthly cycle)
06:36 What to do if your are post-menopausal
08:14 Why women are more sensitive to the hunger hormone ghrelin, and what do to about hunger

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