Li Hing Mui | What is this magical syrup?

I got this out of the smugglers cove book which is a great book. Li Hing Mui powder comes from Hawaii, it is a mixture of plum, licorice, sugar, salt andChinese 5 spice. It tastes sour, and salty and makes an amazing syrup for cocktails.

Here is what I did to make the syrup:
1 cup (250g) white sugar
2/3 cup (166g) water
1 tsp (I don’t know how many grams it was) Li Hing Mui powder
heat to dissolve, let cool and bottle.
Thats it.
I go the powder from here:
You can get white or red powder, the red is colored with carmine, the white is not.

For the old fashioned I altered the Smugglers cove version and ended up here:
Paniolo Old Fashioned Uncle Pete Version:
2 oz Appleton Estate 12
.25 oz Li Hing Mui Syrup
1 dash Orange Bitters
1 Dash Peychaud’s Bitters

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