LIME 'n' LEMONY | LEMON DRINKS | RECIPE | Budhiya in Bareilly

When the garden gives you loads of nimbus…what do you do ???
Drink them ofcoz !!
As the rainy season does not allow them to be pickled…..thats the winter crop !
Why have we started calling Nibu NIMBU ??? As a baniya I know it is always Nibu…..but suddenly it has become Nimbooooo !!!
But whats in a name ? Nibu by any other name willbe just as sour !!!
The Nimbu Paani which we always called Shikanji has become de riguer in every menu in every corner of India…..dhabha or cafe or restaurant or fine dining…..and in every Club ….too !
And you are always asked..sweet salty or mixed..soda or water ???
So make it ! One of the best things to have during the hot summer months…increase your immunity with Vitamin C during the monsoons….and winter is great to have some warm Nibu paani.


Squeeze the juice of a couple of nibus . Add sugar….mix well….strain….and add ice and water….and drink !!
Add some salt …so it becomes a sweet and salty shikanji.
Add some black salt , some powdered bhuna jeera, a pinch of pepper, sugar…loads of ice….and make masala shikanji .
In a mixie or blender or whatever add a whole lot of mint….squeeze lots of nibu….Add salt and ice and sugar….and blitz it all….A lovely green coloured Shikanji …to beat all shikanjis!

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