#Lovepotion2021 – CHUBBY CUPID – Coffee Infused and Fat Washed Campari Cocktail

What does fat washing do? It infuses the flavor of something fatty without leaving the substance in your drink. This Coffee infused and fat washed Campari Cocktail also brings in Meletti Amaro and Mezcal for a smoky chocolaty blend and is my submission for the #lovepotion2021 cocktail challenge.

I have a lot of experience infusing spirits but not a lot with fat washing alcohol and I am definitely going to play around with it more as I move forward. This smoky Mezcal cocktail had a really nice balance despite all of the off the wall ingredients. The infusion and fat washing of the Campari was so easy and simple I strongly recommend that you try it at home!

How to infuse the Campari with Coffee:
Two tablespoons of dark roasted coffee beans (whole) added to 6 ounces of campari in a sealed and sanitized jar. I kept it in a dark room temperature cabinet for just over 24 hours.Strain it out with a mesh sieve.

How to fat wash the coffee infused Campari:
Heat coconut oil until it liquifies. Approximately 1 oz. I used a packet of coconut oil from Trader Joe’s so that helped keep it contained. Add your liquid coconut oil to the Campari in another clean and sanitized container. Shake it up and pop it into the refrigerator. The Coconut Fat will solidify again pretty quickly but I suggest keeping it in the fridge longer to be sure its doing the work. Then gently remove the hardened oil and lightly strain your Campari. You may have some debris but I think that’s totally fine. It will get strained out when you make your cocktail.

Obviously you could do this in much larger quantities but I started small just to play around for one cocktail.

Here’s what I use:

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