MacGyvering cocktails: Sazerac

MacGyvering cocktails at home during social isolating for COVID-19.
Today we’re making Sazeracs using standard bar tools and homewares for all home bartenders.
You can support this out-of-work bartender via virtual tip Venmo. @Greta-Harmon
You can support your local distilleries, breweries, and wineries via home delivery or pick up. for Parking Chair vodka, Ginzer American gin, and 1129 Ridge Ave absinthe.

2oz(4T) Rye whiskey or brandy(or even aged rum or mezcal!)
0.25oz-0.5(or up to 1Tbsp) Simple Syrup*
3-9 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
3-9sprays to rinse the glass with Absinthe(1129 Ridge Ave)
Lemon peel
Chill your rocks glasses with ice or with a rinse of water then place them in the freezer.
In your stirring vessel, add the spirit, simple syrup, bitters and ice. Stir for approx 40 quick rotations. Retrieve your chilled glass/remove ice. Rinse your chilled glass with absinthe. Strain the other ingredients into rinsed chilled glass. Express lemon peel over glass and garnish glass, preferably perching the peel on the rim, as shown.

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