Make a Pegu Club! | a GIN cocktail for warm weather

I decided to showcase the Pegu Club now because I was recently informed of the unexpected closure of the cocktail’s namesake bar in NYC, the Pegu Club, a pioneering establishment in the resurgence of classic cocktails. During this COVID19 crisis, many restaurants and bars are struggling to keep their doors open, and service industry employees and owners are living in a time of uncertainty. One thing we are sure of is that the landscape definitely won’t look the same once all of this is over.

If you are able to, now is the time to support your local small businesses, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, distillery, brewery, retail shops, etc, by ordering carryout, donating to their fund, or purchasing gift cards, or in any way you can.

SO. This is one for all those in the industry – if you know, you know. Cheers.

Grab the bottles I use here! 👉

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