Make Your Own Cocktail Bitters + Botanica Unboxing

Cocktail Bitters – what are they and why do we use them? Can you Make your own cocktail bitters at home? Which bitters brand is the most popular and can you drink it as a shot? You learn all of that in this episode! I also had the pleasure of unboxing an awesome package of dehydrates and spices sent to me by the Botanica – the team that cares about perfect looking garnishes for cocktails and about the ingredients for infusions we make! Great job Botanica! Oh yeah, and I did a shot of Angostura Bitters at the end of the episode. That’s… an adventure! Have you ever tried it?!


Flavoring agents:
• 10 g dehydrated oranges
• 5 g dried orange peels
• 0,5 g cardamom seeds
• 2 g dried lemon peels
• 12,5 g fresh organic orange peels
• 0,1 g clove
• 0,2 g coriander

Bittering agents
• 1 g gentian
• 0,2 g quinine

Spirits needed
• 150 ml (5 oz) light rum
• 50 ml (1 2/3 oz) Everclear or 96% neutral grain spirit

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