Margarita's are NOT the Best Tequila Cocktails!

In this video, I have 3 Tequila Cocktails that are NOT Margarita’s. A Margarita is everybody’s first thought when they think of Tequila Cocktails, so I wanted to show you other Cocktails that you can make with your favourite Tequila;

Glass; Hiball –
50ml Tequila
15ml Lime Juice –
15ml Agave Syrup –
100ml Lilt / Ting
Garnish; Dehydrated Grapefruit

Tequila Sunrise Flip
Tequila Chilli Sunrise
Glass; Hiball –
50ml Tequila
15ml Chilli Liqueur
50ml Cranberry
10ml Grenadine –
Top with Rubicon Mango
Garnish; Orange

Resposado Old Fashioned
Glass; Rocks –
50ml Reposado Tequila
10ml Agave Nectar –
2 dashes Bitters
Garnish; Orange & Cherry –

Tequila Collins
Glass; Hiball –
50ml Tequila
25ml Lemon Juice –
15ml Agave –
Top with Soda
Garnish; Orange


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