Marius Makes A Brandy Old Fashioned

Marius attempts a Brandy Old Fashioned….

Some of you may think this isn’t fair but I thought while conceiving this series with Marius that it wouldn’t be a true test of what he’s learned if I gave him all the ingredients written down. So in this episode I intentionally left one of the ingredients out of the written description to see if Marius (who knows that the drink is an Old Fashioned) would be able to locate the missing ingredient or if he’d just blindly make what was written down? Well, we now have our answer. I hope you guys truly enjoy this installment of what I think should be called “What Marius should have learned but didn’t.”

The Brandy Old Fashioned in question isn’t a Wisconsin Old Fashioned, so calm down people. It’s a variation thought up by the wonderfully creative Tobin Shea who you can find running the cocktail program over at Redbird here in Los Angeles. He’s a great bartender and an even better guy so go check him out if you find yourself in town once all this Coronavirus business is behind us.

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