Martinez Cocktail | One of the oldest Cocktails on Record!

How to Make The Martinez Cocktail, One of the Oldest cocktails on record.

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The Martinez is such an old cocktail it is believed to be the precursor to the Martini. Most likely a variation of the Manhattan while utilizing a malty dutch Genever in the 1860s. At one point this drink would mostly be made with Old Tom Gin, then more recently it has made a comeback using Dry Gin.

Like any drink that has been around for over 100 years, the cocktail has gone through many variations and may be served slightly different from bartender to bartender, but the idea of the cocktail is simple.

Some popular modifications to this cocktail are:
In place of Maraschino substitute a Dry Curacao. Curacaos and Marischinos have been found in many of the oldest cocktails written. The second substitution you might find is replacing Sweet Vermouth with Cynar. Since Cynar has a bitter component as well as sweet it is a great substitution to balance the cocktail if you are not a fan of sweet flavors. The last modification for this cocktail would be experimenting with bitters. Some good bitters to try are Angostura bitters, creole bitters, and even Pimento bitters.

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