Master The Classics: Clarified Milk Punch

There are conflicting stories about who exactly created Clarified Milk Punch. Some say it was Courtesan and wit Aphra Behn, the first woman to make a living solely from writing. And some say it was a housewife named Mary Rockett. But even though the stories of who differ what most cocktail historians can agree on is that it was created sometime in 1711. Eighteenth Century England was full of harsh liquor and refrigeration wasn’t a thing that existed yet, so the process of clarification was a pretty genius way to solve both those problems. The first recorded recipe (attributed to Mary Rockett) called for 2 gallons of Hot Milk to which we add a gallon of Brandy, Five quarts of water, eight lemons and two pounds of sugar. Let the mixture sit for an hour then strain into a flannel bag. The result is a silky smooth shelf-stable tipple that could last for months, even years (when stored properly). No refrigeration necessary. It is said that when Charles Dickens died, the people going through his effects found eight bottles of Clarified Milk Punch in his wine cellar.

The recipe I teach here was based on an old 1700’s recipe which I modified slightly. I also forgot to mention that this drink can be served hot or cold.

This is the last of our Holiday drinks. I hope your holiday season has been safe, fun and happy and we here at the Educated Barfly want to wish you guys a very happy New Year! We sincerely hope you enjoy this Large Format Cocktail/Punch. It is well worth it and something you can store for a while. So bottoms up and enjoy!

Here’s Links to the tools I use in this episode:
1 Cup Pyrex measuring Cup:
500ml Glass Measuring Cup:
Anchor Hocking Glass Food Prep Bowls (2):
Nut Milk Bag:
Fine Strain Collander:

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