Master The Classics: El Presidente

This cocktail has two possible origin stories. The first is that it was created by Eddie Wolke, An American bartender plying his trade at The Jockey Club in Havana, Cuba. Like many Americans Wolke saw opportunity to make some money serving legal drinks to upper class Americans seeking to escape the binds of Prohibition. The drink was said to be named after then Cuban President Gerardo Machado who ruled from 1925 to 1933. The other story according to bartender Jim Meehan was that the recipe was uncovered in a 1915 edition of a book called Manuel de Cantaneros by John B. Escalante. Another detail of note was that for many years people have been following the recipe literally and using Dry Vemrouth and the resulting cocktail was a ho hum cuban 50/50. It was the brilliant cocktail researcher David Wondrich who realized that in Cuba the dry Vermouth was a little sweeter than what we use today, closer to the Chamberey style blanc vermouth. It was when this change was made that the true potential of this cocktail was fully realized. I’d say enjoy this drink, but I’m not gonna because I know you will!

here’s links to the gear I use in this episode:
Barfly Scalloped Julep Strainer:
Barfly Copper Measuring Cup:
Barfly “Fly” Stirring Spoon:
Cocktail Kingdom Mixing Glass:
Mercer Culinary Y Peeler Set:
Japanese Bitters Dasher:
Angostura Bitters:

Tutorial Starts: 1:50

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