Master The Classics: Remember The Maine

First published around 1939 by Charle’s H. Baker in his Gentleman’s Companion or Around The World With Jigger, Beaker and Flask, this stirred Rye drink is one part Sazerac and one part Manhattan. It also has a great back story as it commemorates the US Navel Vessel “The Maine” which mysteriously exploded in Havana harbor in 1895. This event, along with the accompanying cry “Remember The Maine, The Hell With Spain!” would jumpstart the Spanish-American war. This in turn lead to Cuban independence. Baker, when writing about this likely wrote about it in the context of the Cuban Revolution during which he happened to be in Cuba.

A Note on Presentation: I say this in the video but I think it bears mentioning here that the traditional garnish is cherry. A lot of people spear three luxardos and lay them on the rim. I prefer a lemon twist and always do this drink with one. Simply change the garnish out if it bugs you.

Here’s Links to The tools I’m using:
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Japanese Bitters Dasher:
Cocktail Kingdom Mixing Glass:
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