Master The Classics: Sazerac

The Sazerac cocktail is purported to have been invented in 1850 in New Orleans by a man named Antoine Amedee Peychaud. He was a pharmacist who ran a drugstore from which he would prescribe medicine but would also make toddies and tonics as cure-alls as well as a drink with his famous Peychauds Bitters (adapted from a family recipe) which is still served in Sazeracs and other cocktails to this day. The Original recipe called for Cognac or Brandy which changed to Rye in about 1865 due to a blight on wine grapes.The Phylloxera Aphid was wreaking havoc in France and completely stopped brandy and Cognac production. The cocktail also took a hit when Absinthe was banned in the United States in 1912, but the Sazerac hungry public was more than happy to drink anise flavored liquor in it’s place.
in 2002 the ban was lifted and we can have Absinthe again, and of course we have brandy and cognac available, but the rye version has really established itself. In this video we teach with Rye, but feel fee to either replace with Brandy or split the main spirit with Brandy however you like.
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Here’s a recap on the recipe:

4 dashes Peychauds Bitters
1 Sugar Cube
2oz Rye Whiskey

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