Modern Classic: Black Manhattan

A reconstruction of the popular modern cocktail the Black Manhattan

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The Black Manhattan was created by a San Francisco bartender named Todd Smith at his bar Bourbon & Branch around 2005. Although the original created by Smith Uses Averna in place of sweet vermouth we opted for a popular reconstruction which uses Ramazotti instead. Where Averna is a bit sweeter on the palate Ramazotti starts sweet and then devolves to a slightly more bitter finish giving the cocktail a bit more balance. I have also noticed that many bartenders opt for bourbon in this drink, and I’m not sure what the original called for, but we are using Rye to keep the balance between Bitter, Spicy and Sweet in check. That’s all for this one! Hope you enjoy it!

Here’s links to the tools I use in this episode:
Barfly Copper Measuring Cup:
Japanese Bitters Dasher:
Angostura Bitters:
Regan’s Orange Bitters:
Fee’s Orange Bitters:
Cocktail Kingdom Mixing Glass:
Barfly Teardrop Spoon:
Nightcap: 40 recipes to close out any evening link:

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