Modern Classic: Left Hand – World Chocolate Day!

You guys get a special modern classic episode this week aren’t you luckily? We decided the release a cocktail in honor of World Chocolate Day which is today! Not to be confused with Milk Chocolate Day later his month.

The Left Hand was created by Sam Ross at Milk & Honey In New York around 2006 it’s a brilliant Negroni Variation which features Chocolate Bitters! Which pairs so well with the other ingredients bringing out the more velvety tones in the Sweet Vermouth and pairing Nicely with the Campari.

For those of you who are going to say: “but it’s just a Boulevardier with Chocolate bitters! You’re not wrong! But the addition of the bitters shoots this cocktail into another realm.
It is a masterful pairing of flavor profiles that reveals a lot as you drink. I might also add that changing one ingredient in any cocktail creates a new cocktail and that cocktail deserves a new name! So bottoms up and happy National Chocolate Day!

Here’s the specs:

1.5oz or 45ml Bourbon
.75oz or 20ml Campari
.75oz or 20ml Sweet Vermouth
2 Dashes Chocolate Bitters

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