Most Important Superfood You Can Buy for $1 at a Supermarket

John from shares with you the superfood you can buy at a grocery store for $1 that you need to be eating. This superfood has many published studies on its health benefits but is rarely eaten by people.

In this episode, John will share with you a food from the Mediterranean diet that has been eaten for thousands of years that you can buy at the grocery store that you should eat on a regular basis for the many benefits of its bioactive compounds.

You will learn about caper buds and caper berries that have high levels of phytonutrients that can benefit your health. You will learn the difference between caper buds and caper berries and which has greater health benefits. First, you will learn how you can easily add them to the foods you currently eat to add flavor and nutrition to your current recipes.

Next, you will learn what journal-published scientific studies say about the benefits of capers that have been used in traditional cultures and for natural medicine. You will learn about some of the beneficial bioactive compounds it contains such as quercetin and how it is a brassica family plant with glucosinolates.

You will learn if Caper buds or caper berries are more nutritious and if fresh, salt-cured, or brine-cured are healthier. John will taste test a caper berry and caper buds so you can learn how they taste.

Finally, you will learn how to remove a good portion of the salt or vinegar flavor that they are usually packed in so you can have the true taste of capers without eating excess salt or getting a vinegar flavor.

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