MOST OUTRAGEOUS MOJITO EVER (is it even a mojito?)

One Shot with Kevin Brauch
HoP (Henry of Pelham) Ice Wine Whisky ‘Mojito’

A confusing cocktail in regards of its design and naming… damn tasty none the less! Sometimes you just have to let the good times roll as we’ve done in this quick video.

With, Daniel Speck from Henry of Pelham @speckbros and a little off-camera prodding from my mate and Arsenal Brother Billy Munnelly @billymunnelly @BillysBest, I present to you a cocktail with no comparison. Find same or similar ingredients and go for it! Don’t feel like you cannot improvise – great cocktails are born out of balance, yes, but mostly experimentation! CHEERS!

•1oz Riesling Icewine ( – CDN, VQA)

•5 drops Fee Bros. Old Fashioned Bitters (

•5 leaves ‘slapped’ mint (fresh mint, slapped between your hands to draw out the flavours & aromas)

•1/4oz 40 Creek Whisky ( – CDN)

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