My Top 5 Favorite Rum Cocktails (Of All Time!!!!)

Hey! Before it gets too cold we thought you’d appreciate our favorite Rum drinks. Summer may be closing soon but it’s still hot where we are and there’s nothing like getting your tropical drink on! So come mix with us!

Here’s links to the tools I use In this episode:
Antique Style Weighted Tin Set:
Barfly Measuring Cup Jigger:
Bar Ice Scoop:
Barfly Fine Strainer:
Amehla Co. Honeycomb Mixing Glass (18oz):
Barfly “Fly” Barspoon:
Japanese Bitters Dasher:
Traditional Le Boise Léle Swizzle Stick:
Bittermen’s Tiki Bitters:
Leopold Coupe Glass: Leopold Coupe:

0:00 Intro
0:16 Queen’s Park Swizzle
2:11 Royal Bermuda Yatch Club
3:00 Old Devil
4:12 Mai Tai
5:07 Planter’s Punch
5:44 Wrap up

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