NCNM Vitamix Scholarship – Herbal Bitters and Medicinal Cocktails

Herbal Mixology, Bitters and Medicinal Cocktails Homemade with the Vitamix: See below for recipes!


“The power of herbal phytochemical driven into the blood stream by alcohol and wrapped in an organoleptically rich sensual experience: This is the magic and power to Herbal Mixology” ~Dr. Glen Nagel, Herbal Mixologist

Making your own medicine is a medicine. Creating bitters and medicinal cocktails are fun and easy to make at home when using the Vitamix! The Vitamix helps to speed up the process of extracting desired plant properties and actions with alcohol by efficiently blending the ingredients into smaller particles than you could chop by hand! Bitters have a long history of being used as medicine and are more recently popular for flavoring cocktails or being used to help with digestion. I hope this video helps inspire you to make your own bitters and herbal cocktails, and of course, to share them with friends!

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