Patron Tequila LLB – Lemon Lime Bitters With A Twist | Fine Drinks Movement

SouthTrade’s National Training Manager and industry legend, Gee David mixes up the perfect twist on the Aussie classic Lemon, Lime & Bitters using Patron Tequila.

Makes 1 Drink

50ml Patron Silver Tequila
Fever Tree Lemonade
4-5 Dashes Of Angostura Bitters
Plenty Of Ice
10ml Lime Codial
Juice Of A Whole Fresh Lime

Pour Patron Tequila into a tall glass filledwith ice, top with Fever Tree Lemonade and squeeze the juice of a whole fresh Lime. Add some Lime Cordial, a few dashes of Bitters and stir. The perfect marriage of Australia & Mexico!


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