Pei Pa Koa Old Fashioned

Bored at home? Let us bring Happy Hour to you – virtually!!

During this period, it is important that everyone stays home as much as possible. While travelling seems beyond reach, the Singapore Tourism Board wants you to experience @VisitSingapore by sharing locally inspired cocktail recipes that you can recreate at home.

Today’s cocktail is inspired by a drink from Ah Sam Cold Drink Store and is a Singaporean iteration of the classic Old Fashioned. Instead of sugar, we will use Pei Pa Koa, which is a Chinese herbal syrup normally used as a relief for sore throats or coughs. Sweet and herbaceous, this syrup pairs perfectly with the notes in the whiskey. It is also very simple to make with just 3 ingredients and an orange peel for some citrus aroma over the drink.

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