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Today on Booze On The Rocks I show you to make a Planters Punch. This cocktail is first recorded in the London magazine called Fun, in the September 4 Edition. Back then it was labeled as a West Indies drink. but this is one of those rum drink recipes that is worth the time to make. try my planters Punch recipe and let me know what you think.

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Japanese Jigger
Hawthorne Strainer
Julep Strainer

Surfside Sips


Savoy Cocktail Book
Liquid Intelligence
The Bar Book
The New Craft of The Cocktail


3 oz/90 ml Jamaican Rum
1 oz/30 ml Simple syrup
1 oz/30 ml Lime Juice
1 Bsp/5 ml Grenadine
3 Dashes Angostura Bitters


1. Add all ingredients to the shaker tin.
2. whip shake of 5 seconds.
3. Fill glass half full of crushed ice.
4. Free pour contents into glass and top with more crushed ice.
5, Garnish with an Orange wedge and a Lime Wedge.


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