Plum Bitters: fruity blend of plum and spices

“Plum  Bitters 150ml Fee Brothers

Blair’s Cooking with Qualifirst

Plum Bitters combines the juicy flavour of orchard ripe plums with spices including cinnamon. Fee Brothers bitters are intensely flavoured non-alcoholic preparations made from spices, herbs, flavourings and bittering agents and are often called the spice rack behind the bar. They add depth and complexity to cocktails, stimulate the appetite in aperitifs, and are used as a digestive aid. Fee Brothers has been in business since 1864 specializing in cocktail mixes, bitters, and cordial syrups. They began their colourful history in Rochester NY as a saloon and delicatessen, and today their beverage business is overseen by the fourth generation. Plum Bitters is used by craft-cocktail mixers in classic drinks such as the Plum Club, it adds character to White Sangria or a Champagne Cocktail, can be added to fruit cordials, and is delicious in culinary preparations including ice cream and sorbet.”

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