Pressure Drop One Of My Favorites From Death & Co.

In this episode Leandro wonders if this drink was named after a Jimmy Cliff song, talks a bit about Meletti Amaro and Ransom Old Tom Gin and describes the cocktail as usual.

The Pressure Drop was created in 2009 by bartender Thomas Waugh from Death and Company in New York City (The Original One). Not much to say on this one, but I do speak a bit about the Amaro and Old Tom gin in this one so it’s definitely worth a gander. And this drink is the truth so definitely go make it! Enjoy!

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Here’s Links to the tools I use in this episode:
Honeycomb Mixing Glass:
Honeycomb Nick and Nora Glass (set of 4) :
Barfly Measuring Cup Jigger:
Barfly Teardrop Spoon:
Barfly Classic Hawthorne Strainer:

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